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This policy has been drawn up to meet the requirements of the relevant provisions of the statutes that govern the protection of Personal Information and privacy.

More specifically, this policy focuses on the provisions that were adopted to govern the collecting, holding, use, communication and destruction of Personal Information in the private sector. The rules that were introduced were designed to establish a balance between the rights pertaining to the protection of privacy of individuals with regard to their Personal Information, and Quebec Auto Sources (hereby known as QAC) needs to collect, use or communicate such information in connection with its business activities.
For the application of this policy, “Personal Information” means any information which relates to a natural person and allows that person to be identified.

To ensure compliance with this policy, QAC makes every effort to require that its employees, representatives or agents conduct themselves in a responsible manner with respect to the protection of Personal Information. To this end, it provides them with the appropriate information sessions, or sensitization.
The protection and confidentiality of Personal Information that it holds is controlled at every stage of the management of this information: the collecting, holding, use, communication and destruction thereof.

At each phase of the management of the Personal Information that QAC holds, it makes sure that it gets consent from the person concerned. This consent must be manifest, free, enlightened and given for specific purposes, and is valid only for the length of time necessary to achieve the purpose for which it was requested. In this respect, QAC prefers that consent from the person concerned be given in writing.

Only the employees, representatives or agents whose functions at QAC require the use of Personal Information are authorized to collect such information on QAC’s behalf.
In general, this information should be collected from the person concerned, and only with his or her consent. It may however be collected from a third party, provided the consent of the person concerned was obtained, or where it is authorized by law.
QAC may only collect Personal Information which is necessary to carry out its functions, to achieve specified ends, or to fulfill its mission.
The person who provides the information must be informed of the foregoing, how the information will be used, the category of persons who will have access to it, where it will be held, and his or her right to access or correct it.

QAC applies strict security rules and makes every reasonable commercial effort to ensure the confidentiality of the Personal Information it holds on its customers and the protection thereof against loss, unauthorized access, unauthorized use, duplication or alteration. QAC must ensure that these means are reasonable, given in particular, the sensitive nature of such Personal Information, the ultimate aim of its use, its quantity, breakdown and medium.
Furthermore, QAC ensures that the Personal Information contained on paper is kept under lock and key, and under the responsibility of a specified individual. As for Personal Information contained on a computing medium, this is kept in a manner that ensures the effective and secure control thereof and a limited access thereto.

3. USE
Access to the Personal Information will be restricted to QAC’s employees, representatives and agents who may only use such Personal Information in the performance of their duties.
The use of the Personal Information held by QAC is limited to the purposes for which it was collected.
QAC must ensure that the Personal Information it holds is current and accurate when it is used.

QAC undertakes not to communicate the Personal Information that it holds to third parties without first obtaining the consent of the person concerned, or where authorized by law.
QAC undertakes at all times not to sell, transfer or lease Personal Information in its possession to third parties.
Where disclosure of information is authorized or permitted, QAC ensures that the confidentiality of the Personal Information is protected.
In particular, e-mail must not be used to communicate a message or documents containing Personal Information without the consent of the person concerned, unless appropriate measures have been taken to ensure the communication is secure and confidential.

Where Personal Information held by QAC is no longer necessary for the purposes for which it was collected, QAC ensures that any document containing Personal Information, regardless of the medium, is destroyed using a process that ensures the confidentiality of the information it contains.

QAC undertakes to inform any person who so requests that it holds information about such person, what use is made thereof, and that it has been disclosed to third parties, where applicable. QAC must, at all times, permit the person concerned to obtain access to, and consult the Personal Information about him or her.
The person concerned may also dispute the accuracy of the Personal Information about him or her in QAC’s possession, and make the appropriate corrections thereto, in accordance with the law.
To make a request for access to Personal Information, or request that such Information be corrected or updated, the person concerned should contact The latter must respond to the person concerned within thirty (30) days of the receipt of the request.